Outsource your lead generation

With Cold Email and LinkedIn outreaches, we generate warm leads for you.

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What's at stake

Sales people spend up to 50% of their time searching for prospects.


In a year, it's 6 months searching & only 6 months selling, instead of 12.

Getting results on outbound requires a strong expertise.

If you're hearing "No", "I'm not interested", "Unsubscribe" if any reply at all, then we can help.

The process to success:

  • We define your target personas

  • We create large prospects list based on your personas

  • We craft unique messaging sequences

  • We engage with prospects using your Email address and/or LinkedIn account

  • You harvest the results right from your inbox.

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Where we can help


Avg. 3-5 leads generated per month

Custom Messaging

LinkedIn Outreach

Weekly Report


Avg. 5-10+ leads generated per month

Custom Messaging

Email List Building

Email Outreach

LinkedIn Outreach

CRM Connection

Weekly Report