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84 corporate leads, 142% of the avg. KPI achieved in 6 months for Thunes

Financial Services - Singapore - 201-500 employees

About Thunes

Thunes, a B2B enterprise, drives the payment capabilities for the world's most rapidly expanding businesses. From industry giants in the Gig Economy like Uber and Deliveroo to Southeast Asia's superapp Grab, and global Fintech leaders such as PayPal and Remitly, Thunes empowers seamless financial transactions.

Through a single, uncomplicated connection, both your business and customers gain the ability to send and receive payments instantly worldwide. Thunes supports 79 currencies, facilitates transactions in 130+ countries, and ensures compatibility with 300 payment methods.

Headquartered in Singapore, Thunes operates through regional offices in London, Paris, Shanghai, New York, Dubai, and Nairobi.

Client Challenges:

  • Grow market share: Thunes faced challenges in effectively engaging new leads from SME and Large payment providers and processors.

  • Developing Outbound Capabilities: The need to enhance and develop outbound capabilities for a more proactive approach to lead generation.

  • Growing Revenue: Thunes aimed to increase revenue and sought effective strategies to achieve sustained financial growth.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Segmented ICPs: Identified and segmented various Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to tailor outreach strategies based on specific customer needs and characteristics.

  • Crafted Unique Messaging: Developed unique and compelling messaging for each ICP, ensuring personalized and impactful communication with the target audience.

  • Multi-Channel Outreach Software: Implemented multi-channel outreach software connected to the CRM system, enabling a seamless and integrated approach to lead generation.

Results Achieved:

  • 84 Warm Leads from SMEs to Large Corporates: The refined strategy resulted in the generation of 84 warm leads in 6 months, spanning from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations.

  • 142% Average KPI Achievement: We reached Thunes exceeded expectations with an impressive 142% average KPI achievement, indicating the success of the outbound lead generation efforts.

In summary, by addressing the challenges of engaging new leads, developing outbound capabilities, and achieving revenue growth, Thunes, the fintech giant in Singapore, achieved substantial results, including 84 warm leads and an outstanding 142% average KPI achievement.

Are you interested in generating similar results for your business? Contact us now.

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