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Ultimate Cold Email Templates Directory To Generate More Leads in 2022

TL.DR: this post contains links to some of the best cold email templates that can help you generate leads.

💡Each cold email template directory you will find includes:

  • Exact copy

  • What it is used for

  • The results each copy has generated

🤔You’re probably on this page because you’re:

  • Looking for inspiration

  • Not getting enough responses, if any at all

  • Suffering from low open rates

  • Struggle to engage with your prospects

  • Not sure where to start

Well guess what, we got you.

Below you will find links to various cold email template directories that can help you get the lead generation results you're aiming for.

This edit is from May 18th, 2022

1- Lemlist’s cold email template bank

You can filter through user tested templates and choose the ones that work best for you.

2- Hunter’s cold email template directory

You can filter through various categories choose the ones that match your intent.

3- Icy Leads’ cold email template directory

You can filter through by the type of approach and simply pick the best fit.

4- Klenty’s cold email template directory

Klenty's Template Directory

You can easily filter through from the left selection bar what type of approach you want and choose from various examples.

5- HubSpot’s 25 cold email templates

Each template has a specific angle to it with explanation to what it aims to accomplish. You can choose the one that fits you best.

We've also unvailed 2 templates, one for cold emails (including 4 subject lines) and one for LinkedIn connection messages.

Happy cold emailing 🚀

Over to you.

The Scalelab Team

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