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19 Best Lead Generation Tools For B2B Businesses In 2021

Updated: May 24, 2022

Lead generation. Prospects. Clients. Every business needs them.

But, actively filling up your pipeline to generate a continuous stream of leads can be demanding.

In fact, 60% of B2B businesses say that lead generation is their biggest challenge.

However, with the right strategies and tools, the entire process of lead generation can be streamlined to accelerate your long-term business goals.

Did you know that 80% of marketers who use automation and tools drive up to 451% more leads than marketers who don't? 🤯

Here are the top tools we recommend for all B2B businesses to amplify your lead generation process and scale your growth. Read on to know the best tools for:

  • Emailing

  • LinkedIn

  • Optin Forms

  • CRM

  • Copywriting

  • Automation

Top 3 Emailing Tools For B2B Lead Generation

Email marketing can give up to 4400% Return on Investment (ROI). Turbocharge your lead generation and email marketing with these tools.

14-days free trial

  • LemList is a cold email software and outreach automation tool. Personalize cold emails at scale with customized introductions and CTAs with this software.

  • It also gives you important metrics like email deliverability, reply rate, sales engagement and integrates with top tools like HubSpot and Salesforce.

  • With automated follow-up sequences, Lemlist is perfectly suited for B2B businesses that want to scale up their cold emailing.

14-days free trial

  • It is a sales automation and engagement software that helps you create and scale a multichannel outreach program easily.

  • The inbuilt AI helps you craft personalized emails and track accurate leads in your system. It also offers analytics and integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  • With Reply, look up verified emails, add them to your outreach sequence, and engage with them across multiple channels.

14-days free trial

  • One of the highest-rated email marketing tools, Active Campaign boasts of the perfect balance between power, affordability, and ease of use.

  • Its automation builder is powered by intuitive design and a responsive interface enabling anyone with zero experience to craft email sequences in no time.

  • It allows you to do extensive A/B testing for every aspect of the email sequence. This simply means that your marketing will improve over time, on autopilot.

Top 3 LinkedIn Tools To Find Prospects and Engage at Scale

Automating your sales and prospecting processes can rescue you from repetitive manual work. And you can focus your energies on productive tasks like building client relationships. Here are the best automation tools:

1 month free trial

  • A great source for identifying potential leads and engage with them.

  • Advanced prospect searches to narrow down precisely who you are targeting.

  • Great company analytics including org chart, hiring stats, latest activities and many more.

  • Has a collaborative feature at at "Team" level.

7-days free trial

  • Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to connect with leads from LinkedIn as well as message them.

  • You can create multi-step sequences to not worry about following up.

  • Includes a reporting system to let you know how many people you have connected with, how many have replied from a connection message or a follow up message.

14-days free trial

  • We Connect is LinkedIn automation software that enables you to connect and send message at scale.

  • It offers 7 different campaign types to engage precisely with the prospects you want.

  • Offers recommended connection and messaging templates.

  • Has a good reporting dashboard with LinkedIn inbox previsualization from the software.

Top 3 Automation Tools To Accelerate Your B2B Business Growth

Automating your sales and prospecting processes can rescue you from repetitive manual work. And you can focus your energies on productive tasks like building client relationships. Here are the best automation tools:

14-days free trial

  • A data extraction and automation software, Captain Data integrates with numerous SaaS tools allowing you to create connected workflows.

  • With its automated workflows, you can set up a system that collects, arranges, and displays the data in your preferred CRM. With its no-code templates, automate processes and build databases faster.

  • Use this software to find email leads, extract prospect data from LinkedIn, effective lead generation, among others.

14-days free trial

  • Phantombuster extracts data from the web, integrates with several platforms, and feeds the data to your lead management platform as per your preferred schedule.

  • Automate data extraction to generate business leads, find prospects and schedule trigger actions. Its range of tools includes LinkedIn Profile Scraper, Sales Navigator Search Exporter, LinkedIn Companies Info, Twitter Auto Follow, etc.

  • Search for specific types of profiles on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator and extract all the available data about your prospects like industry, job title, emails, etc. Use that data to personalize your cold outreaches.

14-days free trial

  • TexAu automates almost every business function — right from collecting prospect emails to extracting profile data from social media platforms to collating information from groups. Add LinkedIn connections without knowing their emails with TexAu.

  • Automate data extraction and find countless prospects to generate leads for your business in no time. It also supports CSV and Google Sheets.

  • It offers 180+ automation workflows across 10+ platforms with features like profile scraper, sending automated requests with a personalized message, etc.

Best 3 Opt-in Form Tools For B2B Prospect Data

Optin Forms help you capture email addresses, and other vital data points from your prospects. This helps you build strong prospect relationships and nurture them over time.


  • Optinmonster is a powerful information capture tool that can jump-start your lead generation in the right direction.

  • It is filled with top-of-the-line features such as page-level targeting, exit-intent technology, and on-site retargeting.

  • OptinMonster also offers Analytics reporting, target engaged visitors, mobile-specific campaigns, and versatile form templates. With its drag and drop builder, create interactive forms that catch your prospects’ attention.

2. Sumo

Free (with paid plans for upgraded features)

  • Sumo is a powerful and intuitive tool for capturing email leads.

  • It enables you to build and publish fully customized, branded forms that integrate with your websites, emails, CRMs, and other software.

  • It offers customizable designs, visitor targeting, email campaigns, and advanced analytics to drive your lead generation.

Free (with paid plans for upgraded features)

  • Typeform is one of the most customizable and easy software for making forms and collecting data. We can say that it makes your form more conversational.

  • Forget crowded one-page forms that are frustrating to fill. Typeform separates each question into a different page, making it much more interactive and engaging.

  • Craft interactive polls, surveys, tests, etc. through TypeForm. It also offers email notifications, 500+ integrations with Zapier, and high-level personalization.

Top 4 CRM Tools To Manage Your B2B Business

No lead generation strategy is complete without a CRM tool. These platforms help you collate all your leads in one system making it much easier to track and connect with them.

Free (with paid plans for upgraded features)

  • HubSpot is one of the best free CRM platforms for inbound marketing, sales, and service for B2B businesses.

  • It is a great way to organize, track, and nurture leads by documenting all your lead interactions and logging them into the system seamlessly, thus, giving you visibility into each lead's journey.

  • With multiple CRM systems for each department (Marketing, Sales, Service, etc.), HubSpot helps in increasing lead generation, run marketing campaigns at scale, give prospect insight, automate tasks, email marketing, contact management, etc.

Paid (with free demo)

  • SharpSpring CRM offers smart email and CRM marketing automation tools.

  • It is best known for its customizable interface that can be altered to match your ideal buyer's experience. It integrates with several CRM tools and acts as an umbrella platform for your leads data spread across multiple platforms.

  • Set up custom campaigns to gather granular data about your leads and conversions. Personalize automated email sequences and track leads seamlessly with this tool.

14-days free trial

  • Nimble populates the CRM with information on your leads from multiple online sources, helping you identify the most accurate leads for your business.

  • It offers team management, outreach, marketing, and pipelines to organize your contacts and manage prospect relationships.

  • With accessible contact records, email tracking, analytics, prospecting credits, and reports, Nimble is a great social CRM software.

14-days free trial

  • A sales CRM and pipeline management software, Pipedrive is a great CRM and lead tracking tool for businesses.

  • It tracks all your leads, their journey, and interactions with your brand across multiple touchpoints. Once it collects all the data, it condenses that into a single dashboard.

  • Track communications, automate repetitive tasks with AI, get customized engagement metrics with Pipedrive’s extensive range of features for sales and prospecting.

3 Copywriting Tools To Polish Your Cold Emails

Every marketer needs the right copywriting tools in their bag to get the right message in front of the right people.

Free (with paid plans for upgraded features)

  • Apart from a basic grammar check, Grammarly helps you give your copy a consistent voice, weeding out errors, and making it more readable.

  • Its AI-powered writing assistance analyses your writing based on intention, tone, and voice — a great tool for checking your cold email copies. The paid version also has a plagiarism checker and numerous other features.

  • Grammarly can be integrated with several apps across mobile, laptop, or PC — as an extension or an application.

Free (with paid plans for upgraded features)

  • An AI copywriting tool, automates content creation for websites, social media, blogs, emails, etc.

  • Build your campaigns with ease with (almost) instant content through customizable templates.

  • For your cold email outreach campaigns, craft amazing subject lines, targeted pitches, and a compelling email body copy.

7-days free trial

  • SmartWriter is an AI-powered personalized email outreach software. It automatically collects all the information about your leads to create personalized, high-converting emails that will boost your email open rates.

  • It collects data from various sources and uses it to personalize your email copies. Save time and resources by using this amazing copywriting tool especially for emails.

  • This tool is also great for backlink building, personalization for LinkedIn messages, and tailored cold emails.

Wrapping Up…

And that was it :)

A dozen and a half lead generation tools that will help find more quality leads, personalize your cold outreach campaigns on Email and LinkedIn, automate workflows, and provide great copy — for building strong professional relationships with your prospects.

Happy Lead Generation🚀

Team TSL

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