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133 warm leads, $219K of revenue later - How Pixel Rush got a whopping 6.25x ROI

About Pixel Rush

Pixel Rush is a high performance digital marketing agency propelled by a commitment to its clients' success.

Tailored for visionary business owners seeking success without enduring the stress of underperformance, Pixel Rush provides premium services in the fields of SEO, Ads, Conversion Optimisation and more.

The agency has been awarded the Semrush Search Awards Australia in 2022 and finalist of the APAC Search 2023 Awards.


Pixel Rush has a strong track record with law firms in Australia and New Zealand and wanted to grow its customer base in this particular niche.

Having reached a cap in inbound and referrals, the team wanted to leverage on outbound sales to generate further leads.

The main challenge for Pixel Rush was to optimise its outbound funnel ensuring the team was not only engaging with the right target but also getting positive responses

Client’s challenges

  • Optimizing Outbound Strategy: Our client faced challenges in optimizing their outbound lead generation efforts, leading to inefficiencies.

  • Writing Compelling Email Copy: Crafting persuasive email content proved difficult, hindering effective communication with potential clients.

  • Finding the Right Targets: Identifying and reaching the ideal prospects was a struggle, impacting the overall success of the outreach.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Clarified Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Defined and clarified the client's ideal customer profile to streamline targeting and focus efforts on high-potential prospects.

  • Created Compelling Copy: Created email content with a strong sense of clarity and impact, emphasizing value propositions and addressing client pain points concisely.

  • Monitored and Optimized Campaigns: Implemented continuous monitoring and optimization strategies to ensure the outbound campaigns remained effective and efficient over time.

Results Achieved:

  • 133 Warm Leads Generated: The refined targeting and compelling messaging resulted in the generation of 133 warm leads, signifying a significant improvement.

  • $219,000 Revenue Generated: The streamlined approach to lead generation translated into tangible revenue, with Pixel Rush Agency securing $219,000 in new business.

  • 6.25 ROI: We hit a whopping 6.25x ROI, highlighting the success of the outbound lead generation strategy in driving substantial business outcomes.

In summary, addressing the challenges of optimizing outbound strategy, writing compelling email copy, and finding the right targets yielded substantial results, including 133 warm leads, $219,000 in revenue, and a remarkable 6.25 ROI for Pixel Rush.

Are you interested in generating similar results for your business? Contact us now.

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