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89 warm leads, 148% of the avg. KPI achieved in 12 months for Mazecare

IT Services and IT Consulting - Singapore - 11-50 employees

About Mazecare

Mazecare is a Healthcare IT Products and Services Company, delivering a robust and feature-rich product suite that enhances efficiency and value for all participants in the healthcare sector (patients, healthcare providers, and insurers).

It facilitates the entire patient journey, encompassing appointment scheduling, health services, medical record management, billing, and the claims process. By optimizing these processes, Mazecare aims to significantly lower the costs associated with healthcare IT and operational expenses for insurers, ultimately leading to reduced insurance premiums and expanded coverage.

The platform offers a variety of specialized tools, including management systems, patient portals, and data integration solutions, supported by advanced API and cloud-based technologies.

Client Challenges:

  • Small sales team: reliance on founder-led sales limited the growth potential.

  • No consistent outbound system: lack of an established outbound lead generation practice hindering a consistent growth.

  • New market sales: Difficulty in reaching and penetrating new markets.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Mapped Total Addressable Market: Identified the full scope of potential clients to target.

  • Scored and Prioritized Leads: Evaluated leads based on potential value and conversion likelihood, focusing efforts on high-potential prospects.

  • Crafted Unique Email and LinkedIn Campaigns: Developed personalized outreach campaigns tailored to resonate with the identified target audience.

Results Generated:

  • Generated 89 business opportunities within 12 months.

  • Achieved $1.3 million in pipeline value, marking significant growth.

  • Exceeded average KPIs by 148%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the tailored outbound lead generation strategy.

In summary, by addressing the challenges of outbound lead generation, consistent pipeline feeding, and optimizing salespeople's time, Mazecare was able to generate 89 leads in 12 months.

Are you interested in generating similar results for your business? Contact us now.

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