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51 warm leads, 166% of the avg. KPI achieved in 3 months for Sleek

Accounting - Hong Kong - 201-500 employees

About Sleek

Sleek facilitates digital management of company incorporation, compliance, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, reporting, taxes, and much more. The human-first, tech-enabled approach enables entrepreneurs to automate repetitive tasks, supported by expert advice tailored to each customer.

Operating in Singapore, the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong, Sleek has catered to over 450,000 clients across 110 countries, processing millions of bookkeeping transactions digitally.

Sleek holds registrations with the company registry and tax authorities in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and the UK.

Client Challenges:

  • Generate Leads from Business Owners: Sleek intended to grow its customer base specifically from the business owner niche who were looking to register in Hong Kong (HK) or Singapore (SG).

  • Consistent Pipeline Feeding: The need for a consistent outbound campaign to sustain a steady flow of leads into the sales pipeline.

  • Optimizing Salespeople's Time: Ensuring salespeople spent more time delivering demos rather than on outreach only.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Custom Database Creation: Developed a custom database targeting foreign business owners in China, enhancing lead generation accuracy.

  • Value-Adding Cold Email Campaign: Crafted a value-adding cold email campaign with strategic follow-ups, offering relevant information to potential clients.

  • Multi-Channel Outreach with Lemlist: Implemented Lemlist for multi-channel outreach, engaging and nurturing leads effectively through various communication channels.

Results Achieved:

  • 51 Leads in 3 Months: The strategic approach resulted in the generation of 51 warm leads within a three-month period.

  • 166% Average KPI Achievement: The initial KPI has been surpassed with an impressive 166% average KPI achievement, indicating the effectiveness of the outbound lead generation strategy.

In summary, by addressing the challenges of lead generation specificity, consistent pipeline feeding, and optimizing salespeople's time, Sleek achieved notable results, including 51 leads in 3 months and a remarkable 166% average KPI achievement.

Are you interested in generating similar results for your business? Contact us now.

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